Dining Tables

DesignRepublic is proud to offer a broad range of solid wood tables made on our own studios here in Toronto. We source our materials primarily from small independent wood lots in southern Ontario that have been providing wood to our communities for generations. These sustainably managed forests provide both wood for us and important habitat for wildlife.

We have a wide range of wood species available, including Pine, Maple, Ash and Walnut, and are created with either a smooth finish (Vintage Maple, Garrison Ash or Walnut) or a more rustic, authentic finish (Old Barn Pine, Heritage Maple, or Millsawn Ash). Check out our live edge dining tables too.

To complement our solid wood tops, we offer a range of steel base options, available in a range of colours.

Our tables are available in a wide range of standard sizes and stains, but we are happy to accommodate whatever your space and imagination requires by customizing sizes, finishes and even materials.