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    Counter and Bar Stools Toronto

    When it comes to choosing bar stools or counter stools, there are countless ways to think about the "right" stool. The most important thing is to figure out what will work best for your space. Do you want stools with backs? Or would you prefer backless stools? Perhaps you're interested in swivel stools, or maybe adjustable stools would be a good option. No matter what you decide, be sure to take accurate measurements before making your purchase. That way, you can be sure that your new stools will fit perfectly in your space. With a little planning, choosing the right stools doesn't have to be tricky.

    How Many Stools Will Fit?

    One of the hardest parts about buying a stool is figuring out how many stools you need. How exactly do you determine how many stools will fit at your bar or table? You’ll need to provide enough space between stools for people to eat, drink and socialize without bumping elbows. Especially at a kitchen island which is usually the center hub of your home’s eating area or at a bar or restaurant - here are some rules that you should follow when determining how many stools fit in your space:

    • If your widest point on any one seat measures between 16-18” then allow 21 -22” per stool.
    • If these measurements are 19- 22", allow 24-25” or more per stool.
    • When you choose stools that swivel and/or have arms, it's important to give yourself enough space between them, so add a little more space.

    Counter Stools

    Counter stools are an essential item for any home with countertop surfaces. The average height of a counter stool is 24-26” from the floor to the seat, making them the perfect height for most countertops that are 36-39" in height . Additionally, counter stools come in a variety of styles to suit any décor, from backless stools to ones with backs and arms. No matter what your needs, there is a counter stool out there that is perfect for you. So get out there and start shopping for your new counter stools today. Your countertops will thank you.

    Bar Stools

    Bar stools come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. But one thing always remains the same: the bar stool height. Bar stools are generally 28-30″ from floor to seat, which is the perfect height for most bars and bar tables. The ideal bar stool height is determined by the height of the bar it will be paired with. For example, bar height stools are usually paired with tables or bars that are 40-42″ in height. Whether you're looking for a classic bar stool or a modern backless stool, make sure you know the correct bar stool height so you can enjoy your new purchase to its fullest.

    Swivel Stools and Adjustable Stools

    No two stools are created equal. That's why swivel stools and adjustable stools are such popular options for those who want to create a custom seating experience. Whether you're looking for a stool for your home or bar, these stools offer the perfect blend of form and function. Swivel stools provide a 360° range of motion, making it easy to move around in your seat. And adjustable stools let you customize the height of your seat, so you can always find the perfect position. So if you're looking for a stool that will let you or your customers sit back and relax, swivel stools and adjustable stools are the perfect choices.

    Stools at DesignRepublic

    DesignRepublic in Toronto, Canada carries a wide range of contemporary, modern, bar and kitchen stools, from bar height stools to counter height stools to adjustable stools, for home and commercial settings. Add a counter or bar table for a complete set or shop our extensive collection of dining chairs. We also have a selection of outdoor stools that are perfect for backyards or patios.