Walnut Frasier Desk
Walnut Frasier Desk
Walnut Frasier Desk
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Frasier Walnut Desk

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The Frasier Walnut Desk features a gorgeous solid walnut top with a lacquer finish. The walnut desk top sits on a beautiful and extremely sturdy steel base that has a powder-coated finish. Can you imagine working every day on this beauty? This walnut desk is beautifully crafted in Canada.


  • Solid walnut top and drawers with lacquered finish
  • Black or Old Gold powder-coated steel base


  • Dimensions: 24" D x 40" / 48" L x 30" H
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Base: Powder-coated steel



The Frasier desk is made of solid domestically sourced walnut. Walnut is a strong, hard, and durable wood that holds a good shape for a number of years and can easily last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Each desk is unique and can have varied tones throughout. It's the only wood species we don't stain.


The walnut desk is available with a natural lacquer finish.

Walnut with a natural lacquer finish

Care Instructions

  • Clean surface with a clean, wrung out cloth
  • Use of chemical cleaners is not advised

Made in Canada Made in Canada

Made to order: ETA 10 weeks

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